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Whole Person Care

Andy Burnham King's Fund 24 Jan 2013Andy Burnham, Labour's shadow Secretary for Health, says "the 21st century is demanding the full integration of Health and Social Care".  He speaks of Whole Person Care.

Transforming Community Services (TCS) – 1. Strategic Planning

Transforming Community Services (TCS) is about taking services where patients and service users have to travel, and bringing them into the community and into people’s homes.

The effects are twofold:

  1. people tend make more use of the service, because they don’t have to travel, which means they gain the benefits of prevention rather than late remedial treatment
  2. Healthcare delivered in or near patient own home avoids “hotel fees” (cost of food and bed in hospital)

This page looks specifically at the first part of TCS - and the examples used are Healthcare.  The principles apply to all sectors

Benefits Management to support Public Service organisations

My mission is that everyone will enjoy and be passionate about what they do.

(with Haiku)

Sky Care - the channel for the caring professions. Subscription really cheap


Dear your Murdochship

We are delighted with the enormous success of sky sports, the vast amounts of money that flows into Premier League football, and the resultant stratospheric salaries that footballers are able to earn.

We're wondering if you can apply your magic to other areas of public interest – nay public fascination!

Descriptive statistics and basic statistical tests

The key function of this page is to outline the main statistical tests which you'll use for comparing data.

Innovation - Case for Investment in Social Care

Skills for Care (SfC) New Types of Worker programme wanted to help third sector organisations make the leap from using development grants to sustainable funding, in other words for commissioners to buy the services they provided at a price which enabled them to continue to provide the service.

Initiating joint working - cross sector forum

With New Ways of Working I initiated a core planning group to identify cross-sector issues (health, social services, childrens incorporating commissioners and providers from public, independent and voluntary sector) and share knowledge.
We all know that decisions on the funding and types of care in one sector often impact on others; staff and users want seamless care delivery, and of course transferability of skills and qualifications.

Process Redesign using Care Pathway Simulator

Simon Dodds, a surgeon in Good Hope Hospital, developed an excellent piece of software to model the flow of patients/service users through a care pathway given constraints of staffing, equipment and facilities.

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