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Is the NHS Cost-effective?

Commonwealth Fund chart

What is the best way to know if NHS is effective and efficient?  And in particular, how do we know what reforms are needed and how we should bring them about?

I've pulled out a number of reports which compare NHS historically, and with other countries, to decide if it is effective and if not, what we need to do about it

BOOK: Employees First, Customers Second by Vineet Nayar

Vineet Nayar: Employees First, Customers SecondA fascinating case study of success in some of the most challenging times in the last 200 years, the author Vineet Nayar describes his journey turning HCL Technologies from a company being left behind to a world leader.

There is so much to learn from this case study, and so much to apply to many other business situations too.

What sort of Project Manager are you? Lessons from 1066

Detailed stitch workHow is a project like a war?  Well, there's the politics, of course.  and the unexpected, and the different characters who plan / command / just do it / run away.  There's the rich embroidery of different parts of the project coming together to produce something beautiful.

I went to an Association of Project Managers' meeting by the North East branch, where one of my favourite speakers Stephen Carver (of Cranfield University) used the Battle of Hastings to illustrate.  Read more . . .

From the Bottom Up - Employees leading change

The relationship between employer and employee is at its most strained at the moment, as employers face difficult financial times and look to cut costs.  But now is the time that you most need input from your employees.

Quality is the new buzzword

medium_QualityMark.jpgQuality is the new buzzword (HSJ 25 June 2009). I return to my original thesis, that all care is delivered by people and therefore innovation, and quality, is predicated on the motivation of staff, volunteers and carers.

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